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My Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy is rather simple. “There is not a universal way to swing the golf club”. The golf swing is as unique as each one of us.

My philosophy has evolved from over 20 years of playing professional golf, studying the golf swing, and working with some of the greatest instructors in the country. All of these different aspects of the game have led me to believe that you must teach the student and not a system. Each student faces different hurdles they must overcome. From athletic ability to body shape, from physical limitations to experience level, from personal goals to the amount of time the student has to dedicate to their game. Each student must be approached in an individual manner.

When I began playing competitive golf, I spent countless hours studying video of the greatest modern players. I was looking for what they all had in common. What I discovered is that they really don’t have much in common. While there are a number of key positions that each player gets into, how they get there varies immensely.

That’s why it’s my belief that you must work with each student to discover which areas of their game they want to improve. Whether you are looking for more distance, more accuracy, better putting or chipping, improved course management or a stronger mental game. By working closely with your teacher and formulating a game plan, you can achieve your goals.

This is what I do. I have seen it work for my students and me. Whether you are looking to break 100 for the first time or win your club championship, together we can get there!

- Brian Flugstad